Bay Area Students go to CSU

Colorado State University

Colorado State University

Hundreds of California residents come to Colorado State University each year. A large portion of those students are from the San Francisco area.

Below is an audio file and a script discussing the reasons so many students go to Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO.

Audio Project #2

Intro of music: If you’re going to San Francisco

Mahoney: San Francisco was ranked as the 2nd favorite city in the world by If this city is so popular then why do people decide to leave it? According to the Colorado State University recruitment representative, Justin Smalley, many Bay Area young adults leave home to go to school at CSU.

Smalley: Students from California like outdoor recreation whether it is white water rafting or rock climbing…

Natural Sound: River Audio

Smalley: Especially skiing and snowboarding because a lot of students from the Bay Area go to Tahoe which is very similar to Arapahoe Basin or Winter Park.

Natural Sound: Wind Audio

Mahoney: The weather and the outdoor activities bring many people to Colorado but why do students come to Colorado State University over California schools?

Tavil: The Graduate program for occupational therapy was one of the best in the country. I knew that if you were in their undergrad program for pre-occupational therapy you had a much better chance getting in. Since I knew that was what I wanted to do I figured why not get a good head start and go where they had a really strong program.

Mahoney: Bess Tavil, a Colorado State University student says about her reasons for coming to Colorado State University. Justin Smalley also says…

Smalley: I think that a lot of the students who end up at Colorado State might be looking for a more laid back atmosphere, as far as attending a college or a university, and I think that they will find that in the City of Fort Collins.


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