Coit Tower

23 04 2009

Coit Tower was built in Pioneer Park on top of Telegraph Hill in 1933 at the request of Lillie Hitchcock Coit. This beautiful tower is a great place to visit, or walk to, in San Francisco.

Coit Tower in San Francisco

Coit Tower in San Francisco

This monument offers fantastic views of San Francisco including the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park, Alcatraz, Pier 39, Angel Island, Treausre Island, the Bay Bridge, Russian Hill, the Finacial District, Lombard Street, and Nob Hill.

The Coit Tower took 5 years to build.

Because of heavy traffic in the area, the best way to get up to Coit Tower is to walk through the energetic streets of North Beach to Filbert Street.

The hill is one of the steepest short distances in San Francisco, but the street has steps to make the trek a little bit easier. For a break, pause halfway up and turn to the west to get a glimpse of the great view you will be seeing shortly.




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