Asia SF

4 12 2008

Asia SF

Ten years ago two men opened this restaurant full of deliscious food and equally delicisous female performers. Actually, the performers are not technically women but “gender illusionists”.

Asia SF is a hip little restaurant located on Howard Street in San Francisco. The inside of the restaurant decorated in a modern fashion, including walls that change colors and a huge dance floor.

There are many reasons and occasions to go to Asia Sf. However, one of the more popular events is to celebrate bachelorette parties! Asia SF is aware that they are a popular destination point for this event and have made party packages to aid in the festivities even more.

The most basic package is $15 a person and includes a scavenger hunt, a round of shots, and discounts on other clubs in the area. The more pricier packages can go up to $45 a person and includes hotel pickup in a limo, scavenger hunt, VIP treatment, male stripper, a round of shots, and other favors that cost money.

Whether it is a bachelorette party or a night out with a friend, City Search says that Asia SF is “One of the top ten must do things in San Francisco.”

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