BART: Not the Simpson’s Charater

29 10 2008

People Getting on BART

People Getting on BART

BART, officially known as Bay Area Rapid Transit, is the most frequently used mode of transportation in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

For a little over 35 years BART has provided fast transportation to downtown businesses, shopping centers, tourist attractions, entertainment venues, universities and other destinations for Bay Area residents and visitors.

Although BART may not be thought of as the ideal place to visit in Northern California it is appreciated because of its ability to provide transportation from 4:00am to midnight seven days a week. The times are extended until 2:00am on holidays when drinking is involved, such as New Year’s Eve. Ticket prices vary depending on the length of the journey but average to about $6 one way.

When taking BART the ride may be very boring, many people even fall asleep, or it can be quite interesting depending on who is riding the train with you. Many special characters ride BART everyday and some make their presence very well known. People talk to themselves, others yell out obscenities and I have even seen some people hang from the handrails at the top of the train imitating monkeys. Crime is not really prevalent on the BART trains though so no worries about the “crazies” hurting you.

So if taking BART to visit any of the wonderful places talked about in my blog just make sure to keep an open mind about those around you, and enjoy the ride!

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One response

3 11 2008
Eve Fisher

Katelyn, The entries offer some great and surprising places to visit and things to do around San Francisco. I’m learning a lot about the city from your blog! Overall the language you are using has improved. Please check your work for spelling and grammar and link out to supporting information. Also, be specific when using terms like “special characters” and “crazies”. These terms need to be defined and supported since this is a journalistic blog. If you discuss ticket prices, link to the BART website showing the prices. Also, left align the body content so that you do not have gaps between words, such as at the top of the blog. Thanks!

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